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About Us

Biotricity is a company that’s revolutionizing the healthcare space, with innovative remote monitoring devices and healthcare applications.

How it started,
Where it’s going…

A little over 8 years ago, just as our founder and CEO was
welcoming his newborn daughter into the world, something else
was being born, Biotricity. Pictured here is an early prototype of
our first and signature product Bioflux. Like a newborn, Biotricity
has grown quickly over the years.

Fast forward to today and Biotricity has given birth to a full suite
of remote diagnostic and remote patient monitoring hardware
solutions which integrate with powerful and proprietary software
solutions to deliver state-of-the-art cardiac care to patients
across the country.

Company Vision

Biotricity believes the future of healthcare is in connected medical devices that produce data leveraged by both physicians and individuals. We envision that these devices will be further integrated with big data, predictive AI, and machine intelligence to create better and faster analytics for better and faster care delivery.

Company Mission

At Biotricity our mission is to hold an individual’s hand throughout their cardiac journey. Today, cardiac care is disjointed and there exists no set of solutions that deliver complete care. We are meticulously and strategically expanding our portfolio with solutions that can stand alone and operate together to create a cohesive view of an individual’s health.

Our Team

Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq

Chairman, CEO, and Founder

John Ayanoglou

Chief Financial Officer

Amir Ali

Chief Development Officer

Spencer Ladow

Vice President of Engineering

Matt Zabel

Vice President of Sales and Strategy

Andy Wong

Vice President of Operations

Amjad Talpur

Sr. Director of Operations

Allia Bukhari

Vice President of Creative

Al Young

Senior Director of Quality Assurance & (Regulatory Management Representative)

Our Solutions

Biotricity has a wide range of products and applications that are changing approaches to healthcare.

Bioflux is our single-unit cardiac outpatient monitoring (COM) device.

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Biotres is a 3-lead device that provides arrhythmia monitoring.

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Bioheart is a personal heart-rhythm monitoring system designed to easily track heart health.

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Biokit includes remote monitoring devices that track blood oxygen, blood pressure, and temperature.

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Biocare is the first heart disease management solution designed to empower you to manage your heart health.

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