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Disease Management

Heart Health Redefined,
That’s Biocare

Heart issues can be unnerving and Insight into your heart health is priceless. Today, chronic disease management solutions are generic and lack innovative tools to provide real insight. Biocare changes this.

Biocare is the first heart disease management solution designed to empower you to manage your heart health. Biocare allows you to improve your heart health by providing you with insights and feedback on your heart data while keeping you connected to your healthcare team – giving you peace of mind.

Invest in your Heart Today

Nothing compares to Biocare’s advanced features and analytics to understand your heart health. Our innovative solutions, tailored to meet your individual needs will keep you healthy and informed.


Healthcare App

Need additional support or advice? Biocare has got you covered with bi-directional communication. With the Biocare program your data is automatically shared with your physician.

Empowered Heart Disease Management

You are unique and your treatment should be too. The Biocare solution gives you actionable insights with the most accurate heart monitoring on the market, helping you make important decisions regarding your health.

Holistic Insights

Most of your hearth health journey happens outside of your physician’s office while you live your life. Heart disease is complicated and lifelong in nature. Biocare combines personal heart disease management, remote patient monitoring, diagnostics, and tele-health – delivering you a 360° view of your heart health.

Integrated Support

Need additional support or advice? Biocare has got you covered! Communicate directly with your healthcare team from your app. Once enrolled in the program, your data is automatically shared with your doctor.

Cycle of Care

We believe health outcomes are improved when both patient and physician are involved in the process. Biocare creates a cycle of care that allows you to make changes based on data you can see. Studies have shown that individuals are more likely to follow doctor’s recommendations when they can see the impact of their changes.

How Does it Work?

Biocare is designed for patients diagnosed with, or at–risk for heart disease. Biocare combines chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, cardiac diagnostics, lifestyle management, bi-directional communication, and telemedicine to help you engage in and manage your health better.

Biocare includes a device. You will pick your digital tools, based on your need(s), to help you manage your health and lifestyle.

Biocare accompanies you through your heart health journey, delivering:

  • Customized care plans directly from your doctor
  • A 360° view of your heart health
  • Reminders
  • Customized Alerts
  • Integrated app to help you manage, track, and view insights into your health metrics
  • Communication platform to communicate with your healthcare team

What Sets Us Apart


Comparison Features

Other CCM
Cardiac Journey
Diagnostics Holter/COM
Cardiac Specific Tracking AFIB, Heart Failure, Arrhythmia
Disease Management Generic
Lifestyle Management Cardiac Focus Generic
Other Personal
Biometric Devices
Virtual Clinic Cardiac Specialty GP or Internists
Insurance Reimbursable

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Integrated Devices

The Biotricity line of smart devices are best-in-class. Our highly precise personal and medical devices allow you to easily visualize your biometric data so you and your physician can make better decisions when it comes to your health.

We make remote healthcare simple by integrating our medical devices with the Biocare solution to provide real-time data and seamless communication with your care care team.

Personal Use Devices

Continuous Heart Monitoring

If you’re looking to capture holistic heart data, there’s no better device than Bioheart. This device is a long-term personal monitoring solution.

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Digital First Aid Kit

Remote medical monitoring is simple with Biokit, that safely collects heart rate, temperature, and blood oxygen levels providing peace of mind.

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Prescribed Devices

Active Cardiac Monitoring

Bioflux is revolutionizing remote monitoring. Capturing ECG data wirelessly through cellular technology, Bioflux continuously analyzes for anomalies, uploads data to Biotricity’s Portal/app, and transmits it for review.

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Connected Cardiac Monitor

Biotres is the only wireless 3-lead cardiac monitor resulting in higher diagnostics yield and faster diagnosis. Sleek and small in its design, Biotres allows for reduced report turnaround and providing better outcomes.

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