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Continuous Heart Monitoring



Heartbeats tracked, and counting

Personal Heart Health Evolved, That’s Bioheart

Whether your concerned about your lifestyle, optimizing your heart performance, or just looking to be the healthiest version of yourself, Bioheart is the answer. Equipped with full-time heart rhythm monitoring, customized alerts, and automated data transfer, Bioheart ensures you are getting the most out of your data.

Unlike other personal heart rhythm monitors that require manual data collection for short bursts of time, with Bioheart you get around the clock heart monitoring so you never miss a beat. Just wear it and forget it.

Bioheart is more than a wearable, it’s a window into your heart and your overall health. With 3-views, 24/7 heart rhythm monitoring, and seamless sharable data, you can rest assured your heart is in good hands.

Bioheart is the most innovative wearable heart monitoring solution available, awarded by Time Magazine.

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The Importance Of Long Term Personal Heart Monitoring


Bioheart continuously records your daily heart activity whenever you wear it. No matter what you’re doing – running errands, working, exercising, or sleeping. Bioheart records and stores your heart data so it’s there for you when you need it. You can use your recorded data to generate heart rhythm snapshots and summary data that can be quickly and easily shared at the touch of a button

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What Sets Us Apart


Comparison Features

Other Methods
Wearable Daily Activity Daily Activity
Heart Rhythm Recording Unlimited/Autonomous 2-5min/Manual
Usability Wear it and Forget it Manual Operation Per Use
Heart Rhythm Views 3 True or 12 Derived* 1 True or 6 Derived*
View Historical Data on App Not Standard
Prescription Required

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*Companies often use mathematics to derive additional channels. Taking 1 channel or 2 channels and mathematically extrapolating the other channels. This does not create any additional insight or value, which is why Biotricity focuses on real channels.

Product Solution

3 Different Heart Views

Bioheart continuously monitors 3 heart views, and provides a 360° view of your heart so nothing gets missed.

Integrated App

The easy-to-use app lets you see your recordings as they occur.

Retrospective Snapshot

View your past recordings or download and share.

Your Bioheart Includes


Getting Started

Bioheart is an everyday, one-of-a-kind heart rhythm monitor for everyone.


Connect Bioheart to the comfort strap and fasten it snugly around your chest.


Follow the instructions in the Bioheart App and pair Bioheart with your phone.


Generate live or historical snapshots, then turn them into reports you can electronically share with your doctor.

What Patients say about Bioheart

“My Bioheart device allows me to track my activity and sleeping hours. It helps to reassure me that my heart appears to be beating normally when I have a weird sensation that I think might be an arrhythmia but the heart rhythm appears normal.”

“Bioheart has given me so much peace of mind this last year. It’s been reliable, given me actionable information, and helped me to make better choices at every step of the way. The traces it takes are clean and legible, the snapshots are easy to take and export and share, and the device itself has been super comfortable with excellent battery life. It has been a great relief to have that instant action I can take when I feel a palpitation, something concrete I can do that I know will be helpful.”

“It has been a great relief to have that instant action I can take when I feel a palpitation, something concrete I can do that I know will be helpful. It helped me to finally catch things that I had felt before but never showed up on a smartwatch snapshot. It’s really filled a gap that needed filling in the landscape of tracking options, right at the moment that I needed it.”