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Active Cardiac Monitoring



Heartbeats tracked, and counting

Never Miss a Beat,
That’s Bioflux

Cardiac issues can be unnerving. Knowing your heart data is being monitored is priceless. Yet, most cardiac monitors simply record your data. Bioflux changes this. The smart monitor that is constantly analyzing your data.

Bioflux is the perfect solution for patients who need to be monitored for heart conditions. Bioflux continuously analyzes ECG information for heart rhythm abnormalities. When abnormalities are detected, Bioflux transmits that data directly to a call center for review by healthcare professionals who can take action if required.


The Bioflux device operates independently to provide your physician accurate insights into your heart health; however, the Bioflux device can also be used with the Biocare Health App, allowing you to view your study progress, educational materials, and more!

But why stop there? Take your heart health journey to the next level with Biokit, the personal biometric tracking kit, designed to provide a holistic view of your health and seamlessly integrated with the Biocare Health App.

How Does Cardiac Outpatient Monitoring Work?


Cardiac Outpatient Monitoring (COM) is a cardiac monitoring method that uses a small portable device to monitor a patient’s cardiac activity. It records the patient’s heartbeat as they run errands, exercise, and sleep, and alerts doctors when abnormal heart activity is detected.

COM is one of the most effective methods of cardiac monitoring. The ability to analyze every heartbeat with little interference to the patient’s normal day, and the ability to initiate an immediate notification for emergency response as needed, makes it one of the safest and most essential solutions for heart diagnostics.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

RPM is a method of health monitoring that uses smart devices to transmit data wirelessly to a care provider. The result? Better care, reduced cost, and longer life expectancy.


Patients use
RPM today worldwide 1


Decrease in
Hospital admissions 2


Patients use
RPM today worldwide 1


Decrease in Hospital admissions 2

RPM can extend life expectancy by years; more birthdays, more memories, more time 3.

What Sets Us Apart



Current Technologies
Active Monitoring –
Analysis and Support
Wearable Daily Activity Daily Activity
Event Button to Mark Symptoms
Built-in Symptom Tracking

Manual Symptom Tracking
Report Turnaround Time 3 Day Average 1 Week
Remote ECG Access
Rechargeable Not Standard
ECG Channels 3 Channel 2 Channels

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Product Solution

3 Channels

With Bioflux, 3 channels are monitored simultaneously. This built-in redundancy helps ensure a successful study

Data Uploaded 24/7

Assurance that significant events will be captured and reviewed quickly

Small and Lightweight

Easy to use, comfortable and discreet

Your Bioflux Includes


Getting Started

Bioflux is prescribed to a patient for a specific duration to record and monitor their heart. The Bioflux constantly analyzes the patient’s ECG, looking for tachycardia, bradycardia, pause, and atrial fibrillation, any of which will trigger a notification to the Biotricity Call Center who will notify the physician (per previously established protocol).

Wear Bioflux

Your healthcare provider will prescribe Bioflux. It will be applied to your chest during an office visit or sent to your home for self-application.

Record Symptoms

If you feel symptoms–anything that you think might be unusual–press the “event” button on the Bioflux and select your symptom on the Bioflux screen. Your symptom will be recorded whether you choose from the list on the screen or not. Charge Bioflux once a day.

Discuss Results

Your ECG report is sent directly to your doctor for review and discussion.

Biodirect Program

For added convenience, Biotricity can ship Bioflux directly to the patient with instructions on applying and using the monitor.

What Patients say about Bioflux

Watch one of our patients’ life-changing story

“I kept having dizzy spells but when I saw my doctor, she couldn’t find anything wrong. She would do EKGs, and everything looked fine with my heart. But the dizzy spells kept coming, and my heart would race too. Finally she used a Bioflux on me, and on day 17, it found the problem! She immediately put me on medication, and no more dizzy spells. I know my heart is doing well now. I am so grateful for Bioflux finding the issue.”

“I’ve had coronary heart disease for 12 years, and have had 3 stents put in my arteries. Out of the blue, I started having heart palpitations and sweating. My doctor thought it might be AFib, but he just couldn’t catch it when I visited his office, so he hooked me up to Bioflux. Bioflux caught not only AFib, but a few other bad rhythms, probably related to my heart disease. My doctor changed my medications and sees me more often, and I’m feeling better now.”

“I was so worried when my doctor prescribed Bioflux—I thought it would be hard to use and that I would mess up my recording, but you know what? I would forget I was wearing it! It is small and lightweight, and I wore it in a pouch under my shirt—nobody could see it and honestly I didn’t even feel it. And there was nothing to it—very easy.”