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Filling the Healthcare IT Marketplace Gap

Biotricity is a healthcare technology company dedicated to delivering innovative, medically relevant biometric monitoring solutions that enable people to make lifestyle changes and achieve a better quality of life.

“There is a gaping hole in the healthcare IT marketplace where most solutions are not medically relevant,” says Waqaas Al-Siddiq, president and CEO, Biotricity. “Technology needs to be utilized to create innovative solutions that drive individuals to self-manage their chronic conditions and avoid, or at least reduce, the impact of such illnesses in the first place.”

Chronic illness such as heart disease has created an increasing burden on worldwide healthcare infrastructures. More than ever, preventative care is recognized as a vital component of any comprehensive healthcare service. Biotricity is committed to developing and providing technology that monitors and helps manage the modifiable risk factors of chronic illnesses.

Following the anticipated launch of Bioflux in 2016—an ECG monitoring system designed specifically for physicians to diagnose and remotely manage patients’ cardiac conditions—Biotricity’s R&D will continue to be aimed at the preventative, self-management healthcare market. Biotricity’s preventative consumer healthcare solution, Biolife, leverages the expertise gained from Bioflux to help individuals track and manage their risks of cardiac issues. By aggregating medical-grade biometric data with the user’s lifestyle patterns, including diet and exercise, Biolife converts this information into easy-to-understand number scores for users to track their progress. Armed with this real-time feedback, enhanced by a social support system, individuals will be empowered to self-manage their disease risk—taking charge of their own health destiny.

Biotricity’s ultimate vision is to expand its line of technology-based hardware and software solutions to support the management of other critical and chronic conditions as well as lifestyle applications such as pregnancy and athletics monitoring solutions.

As healthcare costs increase, Biotricity recognizes that the future lies with empowering individuals with self-management solutions and has started this journey with the company’s first two solutions, Bioflux and Biolife. The need in healthcare:

  • Healthcare costs are escalating and the demand for patients to be actively engaged in chronic disease prevention and management is growing exponentially.
  • Chronic illnesses are on the rise and an increasing number of adults are at higher risk.
  • Compliance is driven by feedback and available digital solutions lack medical relevancy, making them ineffective; Biotricity and its solutions are changing that.

Biotricity believes putting healthcare into the hands of the individual is critically important in making the meaningful and necessary changes to have a long, high-quality life.